MOXI™ LASER Treatments in New York

The MOXI™ Laser Facial is a must-have treatment for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Known for its gentle touch, MOXI is perfectly administered by the skilled professionals at Refine by Dr. Nazia in Long Island, New York. It’s an ideal treatment for all skin types, effective throughout all seasons.

The Gentle Path to Flawless Skin

Discover the Future of Skin Rejuvenation with MOXI Laser at Refine by Dr. Nazia, Long Island: This Advanced, Gentle Laser Treatment is Perfectly Suited for All Skin Types, Offering Comprehensive Care for Your Skin. Transform Your Complexion Anytime of the Year with MOXI's State-of-the-Art Technology, Designed to Provide Exceptional Results and Maintain Your Skin's Natural Health and Radiance.


MOXI is a non-ablative, fractional laser, renowned for its gentle approach to skin enhancement. With a 1927nm wavelength, it's perfectly suited for addressing surface-level skin concerns, delivering impactful results with less downtime than more intense laser treatments.

At Refine by Dr. Nazia in Long Island, New York, Dr. Nazia's commitment to personalized skin rejuvenation finds a perfect match in MOXI's versatile energy settings. This technology is a key part of her laser arsenal, adeptly used for a range of cosmetic dermatology applications.

The perfect lunchtime facial


The MOXI procedure, often dubbed the 'lunch break laser,' is a favorite for its quick, efficient treatment, allowing patients to return immediately to work and daily activities. If concerned about discomfort, a topical numbing cream is available, though many find MOXI so gentle that they forgo this option.

During the treatment at Refine by Dr. Nazia in Long Island, New York, you'll wear protective goggles as Dr. Nazia expertly maneuvers the MOXI handpiece across your skin. Patients typically feel a warm, 'prickly' sensation from the laser heat.

Tailoring the treatment to your specific skin type and needs, Dr. Nazia may apply a soothing serum or other protective topical skin treatment post-MOXI. She will also provide personalized aftercare instructions to ensure optimal results from your session.


With MOXI, you can anticipate faster results compared to other laser treatments. Visible improvements, such as brighter and more glowing skin, often appear within a week or less after a session.

Dr. Nazia, at Refine in Long Island, New York, typically recommends a series of MOXI sessions for achieving the best rejuvenation effects. For most patients, three to four treatments spaced weekly are sufficient to effectively address age spots, photodamage, and to achieve a more even, youthful skin tone.

Once you've completed the initial series, bi-annual or annual MOXI touch-up sessions can help maintain these results. Dr. Nazia will also guide you through at-home skincare routines to ensure your skin remains radiant, smooth, and clear over the long term